Tried creating 2 offers to buy BTC both timed out and got charged the fee

Hello so yeah the problem is basically in the title. Both times I tried creating the offer to buy BTC for Euros the offer timed out and I got charged a fee but no offer appears.! It’s the 2 top ones. Sem Título|690x423

Do you have the latest version installed (0.6.2)? If not please update. Otherwise please send me the log file (Account/backup - button to open the log) by PM.

Hi! I sent you a PM detailing some things. Just a quick question and this might sound stupid but how do I send you the log by PM? I see an option to upload files but it only lets me upload image extension files. And I think sending you the entire log by written message would be too messy, can you explain it to me?

Also because half of the coins vanished due to this bug I moved the other half back into my wallet offline, does that affect anything? I just freaked out and didn’t want those other coins to just disappear aswell.

If you have moved the funds you cannot have offers open but beside that all is fine. No worry no money lost ever in Bisq. Please PM @cbeams regarding the lost fee.

I’m sending you a PM about this now, @Amarante24