Tried to connect with network node, cannot start application


So I tried pointing Bisq to my own Nodl (nodl.local:50002). It wasn’t able to connect/synchronise with network, so I tried to delete SPV.

After deleting SPV, I got the option to delete outdated Tor files and shut down.

After doing so, I’m unable to startup Bisq at all. Just stuck on “Connecting to Bitcoin network” with 12 Bisq network peers.

Windows 10 and Bisq 1.1.7.

Thanks for any help and much appreciated

Things I’ve tried:

  • reinstalling Bisq
  • restarting computer
  • disabling firewall and antivirus
  • Tor browser confirmed working

I know I should migrate to Ubuntu, but it’ll be a lot of time for me to learn it.

Try to run Bisq with the following flag

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Aww yiss, it works again. Thanks so much.


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