Trouble connecting to tor network

I have been trying since yesterday with no avail. it’s my first time trying to use bisq. I keep getting stuck in the connecting to bitcoin network (1/4 connecting to tor network).
Things I have tried to do:

  • Change network provider twice.
  • Using VPN (multiple countries).
  • Deleting the SVP file and restarting the app.
  • Trying all the recommended bridges and custom ones.

I have checked and TOR is supposed to work in my country with the obsf4 bridge.
Any idea what else should I try?
Should I try switching OS to linux or something?

Is your internet connection strong? Connecting to Tor can be problematic on weaker networks such as mobile 3G or even 4G networks.

Also which OS are you using? If Windows, please try turning off anti-virus software.

I just tried that didn’t help.