Trying to backup getting error every time

On multiple machines using the version the backup was running on 1.4.2 and replacing the bisq_BTC.wallet deleting spv chain

I always get the error Protocol message contained invalid tag (zero)

Just trying to retrieve my poor neglected coins

I don’t think replacing this file is the correct way to backup.

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Backups can be a little tricky you’re best to follow the wiki that @MnM posted. simply replacing files can cause corruption especially going from 1.4.2 to 1.5

Im trying to backup on 1.4.2 I delete the Bisq folder inside the roaming and replace with the backup file?? I dont have the directory of the version that was running only the backup file

The backup file should work on that version, or 1.5.1

All I have is the .Backup file, this will work when placed in the Roaming directory??

I don’t know, having a full backup is the best way to backup, changing specific directories is a risky method that should only be done under your own risk or if a dev requires it.

Ill pay whoever $200 to recover the coin from the .backup

Don’t you have a full backup or the seed available?
If you don’t, you can go to Keybase and ask for support there, I don’t think that paying 200USD will be necessary.