Trying to complete a trade

I am trying to perform my first trade and am not sure if I am missing something. I placed an offer to buy BTC (as a maker) and my offer was accepted. Once I realized this I clicked the tab that says “Start Payment” and have been waiting a couple days for the (taker) to acknowlede that they have recievded payment…now I am getting notifications that I only have 1+ days left and to check and see if payment was authorized by my financial institution… I have checked and nothing at all shows at my bank…I am using Zelle that I setup for this with my mobile # and email address… Is it possible that I have missed a step?? Please advise, Thank you.

It seems like you haven’t missed a step.
You are supposed to send the payment and click “Start Payment”, which seems like you did.

Banks can be a bit slow so you will have to wait patiently for their amazing 21st century technology to synchronize :smile:

Hopefully you can see that you have successfully sent the payment with your bank.
Has balance on your bank account decreased? Do you have some kind of transaction history at your bank where you can see your transaction?

If something has gone wrong you can always open a dispute with alt+o.

thank you for your help…however, i guess i am waiting patiently, lol…