Trying to Install Bisq...Stuck on "Initializing" Page! Thoughts?


As the title states, I am stuck on this page (see imgur link below).

Occasionally, the Tor Bridges configuration page pops up (see imgur link below).

I have my antivirus and all firewalls turned off, Tor is configured and connects without any issue on my PC, and My Internet service does not inhibit or block any types of connection (as far as I know). What am I to do?

(Here are the static links for the above mentioned photos. initialization page: , tor bridges pop up: )


I will add that I have tried the “do not use tor bridges” -> “shutdown” button -> restart computer -> run Bisq after restart pathway, and still I have had no luck.

There are issues with the Tor network. Try to restart. If it absolutely does not help and if you don’t have open offer, trades disputes you can start over with a new data directory. You have to backup first the current one and move out the funds if u have btc in your wallet. Alternatively you can delete the “private_key” file inside the btc_mainnet/tor/hiddenservice/ folder in the application data directory.

On OSX is is here:
/Users/[USER]/Library/Application\ Support/Bisq/btc_mainnet/tor/hiddenservice/private_key

As said do that only after a backup and only if you have no open offer, trades disputes!