Trying to use testnet to reproduce a bug

Hello all,

I’m currently in a trade that’s stuck becaue of a bug (will inform the arbitrator in about 10 hours).

In the meantime I want to reproduce this bug on testnet. Unfortunately it can’t find any peers (my two peers can’t find eachother). My question is: how can I get my two testnet BitSquares to talk to eachother (and find an arbitrator) so that I can try to reproduce the bug?

Update: I specified --seedNodes blabla.onion:9999, now it works, but since there are no arbitrators I still can’t create an offer.

Update2: will try to recompile BitSquare to become arbitrator on my private BitSquare testnet.

Update3: I found the needed documentation in doc/ to use a ‘fake’ arbitrator



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Hi @Rik, great to hear that you are investigating and help out here!!!
I did not maintain testnet anymore as nobody used it. But seems you have found all info how to set it up and get it running.
If you can send me a detailed description of the bug, maybe I can help. You also can open a support ticked before the trade period is over by clicking cmd+o or ctrl+o at the trade screen.
Thanks for your help, very welcome to get some support!

Thanks to Manfred for his respone. I’ve sent a description of the problem to him privately.

I have reproduced the bug partially:

Alice: marketmaker, sells ETH for BTC
Bob: taker, buys ETH for BTC

  • Alice creates offer 0.01 BTC @ 50.00 ETH/BTC
  • Bob takes offer, deposits BTC.
  • Alice pays and clicks ‘Payment started’
  • Alice creates new offer 0.01 BTC @ 50.00 ETH/BTC
  • Bob acknowledges payment, moves funds to bitsquare wallet
  • Alice moves funds to bitsquare wallet (Open Trades screen now empty)
  • Bob takes new offer, deposits BTC, looks at ‘Open Trades’ screen and sees new deposit txid)
  • Alice looks at ‘Open Trades’ screen and sees the new trade with the deposit txid from the previous trade. This is a bug and it also happened during the real trade.
  • Deposit gets confirmed. All turns out well.

During the real trade:

  • a timeout was received (probably the node gave up waiting on relay of the new deposit txid becaus it was somehow looking for the old one)
  • confirmation of the new deposit tx was never acknowledged

Next: I will test what happens if i start the next trade after the previous deposit transaction has 6 confirmation. This may trigger the worse bug. I need to wait for that, since I am on TESTNET (and not REGTEST, what was recommended in the docs).

Test ‘start trade after previous deposit transaction has 6 confirmations’. Same results as before. (done in REGTEST, it’s quite nice to be able to create REGTEST coins just by a simple keypress)

I will post if I have more results.