Turning off offers and going offline

Hi everyone,

  1. If I have created an offer and I go offline or close down Bisq, does my offer temporarily disappear until I’m reconnected?
  2. Can I individually switch offers on and off?
  3. Someone suggested always leaving Bisq connected once i have created an offer, but what happens when I go to sleep or go to work, won’t a trader be annoyed if they accept my offer but it takes me many (10+) hours to respond or make the payment?




  1. Yes. You need to stay online so others can see and accept your offer. (You can go offline after a trade is accepted for the remaining steps, you will need to log in every day or sooner to check for updates in the trade progress)
  2. No. I hope to see it possible to pause offers in the future.
  3. I don’t think there has been any complaints on the forum yet. So it should be OK. Due to the nature of the platform this should be expected to some degree, so i think most would understand.

Thanks for your reply. A slightly modified new question: Is it acceptable for me to go offline in order to deliberately disable my offers? For example, let’s say I have money moving in and out of my bank account. I create an offer to buy up to $100 of BTC. Is it okay for me to go online whenever I have the $100 to spend, and offline when not, or is this going to cause some kind of problem?

Yes its OK. You are not committed to stay online forever if nobody accepts your offer, you are in control. Just remember if your offer is accepted and close the app and dont return for days and days and the trade window ends, you may lose your deposit if nobody can contact you / dont reply.

Great, thanks once again :slight_smile: