Tutorials for newcomers

Hi all, I’m new to bisq, could anyone point me in the direction of any tutorials to help me get going with the platform, do’s and dont’s and generally how to get the best from it?
Many thanks.

You can just go to youtube and search for Bitsquare (the former name of Bisq).
I guess Bisq could maybe use some more tutorials, but there are some videos already like this.

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Brilliant, cheers alexe.
Just woke up to bitcoin/cryptocurrency recently, the possibilities are mind blowing to be honest, just a regular Joe in a regular job, something like this could be life changing done properly from the start. Just trying to get as much insight as possible before investing.
Many thanks again.

It truly is. And when you think about how young it is and how much it could help in things we don’t even know about yet, it is more impressive. Like on internet, I believe that it will end up being used for more then it was initially intended. It is rare to see so much possibilities in a technology so early on, it truly is something special.

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Completely agree, special it is and that needs protecting.