Two trades timed out, might have lost taker fees for both :(

Got timeout errors on two different trades as offer taker, both trades possibly listed by same seller. A message said it had timed out and I might have lost the taker fees. I see 0.010528 BTC total has been deducted from my wallet, it’s kind of a large amount for me to lose due to simple timeout errors, is it possible to have it returned?

Tried opening a ticket for the failed trades which are now listed on the Failed Trades tab but doesn’t seem possible with the keyboard shortcut alt-o. How should I proceed?

It is very possible for the majority of those bitcoins to still be in your wallet, as it might be that there was a bug that doesn’t show your balance correctly. I think that two trading fees should probably amount to a lower value than that.

You can try using an emergency wallet tool by pressing alt+e and see if it shows the correct amount. If not, maybe you will need to delete SPV chain file in Settings and restart the app twice or simply export your private keys by removing your wallet password,restarting the app and pressing alt+j.

For the trading fee, you could provide more details to @cbeams

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The emergency wallet tool does indeed show a much smaller amount deducted. Thank you for your assistance @alexej996

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What version of Bisq were you running when these timeouts occurred, @yolo?

@cbeams Didn’t see your message until now, sorry for the late reply.

I’m not completely sure because at least two updates were released recently with just a couple days between them so lost track a bit. I always update as soon as a new version is out so I suppose I was on 0.6.5 at the time

What is the balance in the emergency wallet tool and what is the balance in the UI for available and reserved for offers balance? available+reserved must match the total balance in the emergency wallet tool, if not try to resync the spv file at settings/network. Might take a bit until resync is done.