Two trades with no transaction deposit ID broadcasted

Today I have three consecutive trades with no deposit ID brodcasted. First one went through succesfully after DELETE SPV FILE AND RESINC but two next were unsuccesful. They do not appear on block explorer. I think both will go to failed trades. Why is that happening?
I use v.1.7.2. on linux with tor 3 address…

Hi it could be a number of reasons why the trade failed.

Sometimes it will give a clue on the trade id screen what the cause was. Other times it does not.

If you message me on Keybase I would be happy to look into it and see if you are due any reimbursement of fees.

My username on keybase is: pazza

Ok, thanks. I’ll do.

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Hi, pazza.
Still no answer to this most annoying problem. And failed trades are increasing…

I have sent you a PM in Keybase