TX created but not transmitted - unconfirmed transaction

Hi everyone,
I tried withdrawing from my wallet some BTC to an external wallet address.
Usually it would go perfectly and without any errors, while this specific transaction is stuck for over a month in my wallet and nothing seems to change.
While looking into the my addresses, I found the address that has an unconfirmed transaction and on the block explorer I can see it still contains 0.01 BTC (the unconfirmed transaction) while the balance in my wallet is 0.0001(from other addresses).
What are my options to make the transaction go through, or alternatively be able to withdraw that amount?


Did you already try Settings/Network info : Resync SPC Chain ?
If not, this may help.

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Trying this now.
will update.

Edit: This worked perfectly! can’t believe I was waiting over a simple task. Thank you!