Ubuntu 17.04 Fresh install issues

I’ve just had to install a fresh OS on my laptop. Ubuntu 17.04 will not install the Bitsquare package via the Package Manager. I’ve tried both the 32 and 64 versions, to no avail.


Hey, no suggestions from me :mouse:, except downloading the program directly from https://bitsquare.io/downloads/ and installing it or installing from command-line. Do you want help with that?
2 question that might help someone else trying to help :
What exactly happens when you try to install? and what version is the package manager offering you?

Can you post screenshots/command line output of the errors?

Also might help https://github.com/bitsquare/bitsquare/blob/master/doc/build.md

Thanks for the input guys, I reinstalled the OS and Bitsquare now runs as advertised.