UK Bank is checking recipient's name

I made a purchase, transferred by entering my name with the recipient’s bank details.
His bank left the transaction pending because the recipient’s name was different.

Why didn’t you put their name?

I assume because UK Faster Payments on Bisq don’t include an account name within the required info?

Which bank was this? I always use their onion address and never had a problem.

My bank started asking the recipients name along with the account name and the sort code in order to proceed with the Faster Payment. They are checking all the account details.
But Bisq doesn’t ask for the name and now I also have a problem in completing the payment. My bank doesn’t allow me to send money without stating the name registered to it.
Bisq has to change this.

I just completed the faster payments transaction. The other side sent me a name to use. I used it, the bank made the check, but it came back saying that the details I put didn’t check correctly (maybe the name was a fake one). Nevertheless it gave me the option to proceed with the transaction. I did it and the transaction went through. It seems that requesting a name for a faster payment is just a precaution. It is up to the payer to decide if they want to proceed or not indifferently of the check results.

That does seem to be the case. Until recently, Faster Payments didn’t require a full name, so there seems to be some banks requesting it and others not. All these payment methods and give the user an unique account ID, IBAN, etc, shouldn’t need also the user’s full name.