Unable to cancel

Major oversight in design of software.

  1. Cash app was refusing to send money to the seller, so time expired and transaction was canceled. Fine, so far.

  2. I set the account to ignore that takers onion address in account settings so that I could transact with a different person that cash app might accept.

  3. I created a new offer and the same taker accepted it, even though I said to ignore.

  4. I still can’t send cash to that buyer, nor is there a way to cancel or contact the arbiter to let the other party know not to accept my future offers

  5. Not only that, I’ve now been forced to pay 2 maker fees on same unsuccessful transaction, just because software didn’t honor my request to ignore this specific taker.

Does the same taker use the same onion address or has he changed it?
It is a bug if you set your app to ignore his onion address and he still took your offer with the same address.

Bisq is very big on privacy so unfortunately there can’t really be a way to truly block another trader if he really wants to take your offers and creates new onion addresses.

You can always contact the arbitrators by pressing cmd+o and inform him of the issue.

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Same onion address, did not know I could contact arbiter with ctrl-o