Unable to Confirm Received Payment (BSQ)

Hello Bisquists,

I’d like to let you know I had great troubles confirming I received the BSQ from my trading partner. After clicking the “Confirm” button, Bisq still asks me to confirm…


In the end, it took a while for Bisq to accept my confirmation.

For a trader behaving in a honest way, an event like this is a bit “stressful” because the trading partner might not always accept that I have issues confirming the received funds.

This is the kind of thing that slightly puts me off using Bisq: facing “bugs” during the trade workflow.

Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to send the confirmation. In case it would fail for more time, you could open mediation with ctrl+O and the mediator would suggest the regular payout that both of you would have to accept.
It takes more time, but that’s how Bisq works. If everything is normal, it’s very smooth, but some trades take longer because of bugs and some unresponsive traders.

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Hi @Palafox

Thanks for the post. I get that message sometimes. I find changing screens and coming back to the trade after a min or so helps. Normally you only need to press once, if it does not confirm the first time it will try again.

Continually pressing confirm does not seem to help even though it seems like it should.

So if it is not confirming, change screens, come back in a min and hopefully all will be confirmed.

I agree this could be a better experience. Not sure why it does not confirm first time every time. You get the same problem in trader chat sometimes where messages do not confirm. Same thing works for this, leave the screen and it will likely try again and confirm.

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