Unable to Connect to Network

Running 18.10 For the last couple of hours my machine has been stuck at 3/4 Hidden Service Published. P2P network peers has bounced around from 10 to 1. I’ve been using Bisq and Bitsquare for a while and never encountered anything like this.

Now 5 hours and the 4th Hidden Service Peer still won’t load. Have attempted to reset the machine. I have two open offers on this box.
Please advise.

Now the issue is happening on my second box. Running Ubuntu 18.04
There is no AV running and I’ve reset the router. Could my ISP be blocking a port that is attempting to publish a TOR Hidden Service.

@au_Bits ,
I suggest that you post an issue on https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq
and that you post the concerned log file or at least the last 100 lines
to help diagnose what happens.
Is your country or your ISP prone to restricting Tor usage ?

No, TOR isn’t blocked in my country. Just concerned that two of my machines have the same error at the same time.

x-Posted to Github