Unable to create new wallet, looking for help

I have lost my password and my recovery seed (no funds in wallet) and want to create a new wallet. For some reason I am unable to locate the bisq data folder anywhere (OSX). Unfortunately I am not savvy enough to use the terminal to look for the relevant file to delete. Any help with this would be most welcome as I would really like to use Bisq again. And yes I have searched the application assistance folder.

On Mac you should be able to find a data directory at: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq

The best in your case is probably just to rename your existing data directory (in order to have a backup), and to reinstall Bisq.
So you’ll have everything new and also Bisq’s very last version (v0.9.3).

Thats the whole problem, Bisq data folder is not located in Application Support and I am unable to find it anywhere. My structure also seems a bit incorrect as the Application support folder is located under a separate Library folder not under Users/Username.

You can go to “Account->Backup->Open directory” to open your data directory as well.

But I can’t open Bisq without my password.

Damn. This is complicating things.

Perhaps you can run Bisq from command line with --appDataDir=<value> argument. You will just need to find the Bisq binary first. I am not familiar with Mac, but maybei t is in /opt/Bisq like on Linux or you might have to look at some desktop files (shortcuts) to see where it is pointing at. Not sure if this makes any sense on Mac though.