Unable to Download Bisq (Windows.exe)

Hello team.

Am seeking assistance am trying to download Bisq for windows from the main website but unfortunately the page is returning " This site can’t be reached"

Any help rendered . Appreciate.

From my side the download works fine.
… smells like a firewall issue from your side.

I have tried to disable but still its not working.

Have you tried another browser?

I have tried other browsers but still its not working

These are the links I get when downloading the latest .exe release. Yours seem different

I see your screen shot you using ubuntu linux. Well my case am using Win 10 . However this is the link that is not working in my browser below,


Yeah, I’m on linux but I’m still downloading the .exe file from https://bisq.network/downloads/v0.9.5/Bisq-64bit-0.9.5.exe

could please share me the link it redirects you to github optionally can post the github download page on github website.

If I understood it what you asked correctly, this is it

You are using Bisq in an insecure way. Windows is a bad idea generally when using cryptocurrencies.

That being said, I would suggest you at least try using Tor Browser to download Bisq, since there could be an issue with your Internet connection.

Thanks for the github link . i have been able to download it.