Unable to generate Tor v3 address?

Hi all,

I keep receiving a popup whenever I start Bisq saying my Tor V2 address is getting depreciated. I followed this guide to upgrade my address to a v3 one: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki

Steps I took:

  1. Closed Bisq
  2. Deleted the hiddenservice folder in my data directory
  3. Reopened Bisq

But Bisq still starts with my previous address. And the hiddenservice folder does not get recreated in my data directory.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

That’s quite strange. What OS are you using? What Bisq version are you at?

Hi MnM,

I am on Windows 10 and using Bisq version 1.8.0. I also tried to Delete SPV file and Resync, but it didn’t help.

I’m thinking about just uninstalling and starting from scratch (but maintaining my existing account). Do you think this would work?


That was going to be my suggestion.
If you have anything you want to keep on your account (wallet balance, trade history) you could move the data folder elsewhere, and then restart Bisq so it creates the data folder from scratch.
Then close Bisq again, and use Restoring application data - Bisq Wiki to selectively restore what you need except obviously the onion address.

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Thank you w000000t! I got it to work using your instructions. Thanks a lot!

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I find this option too complicated, but I suppose that it’s because I haven’t tried yet, and I’m glad it worked.

it is indeed convoluted as you need to make some movement on the files, yet it’s much less complicated than it seems, just boring :slight_smile: