Unable to locate my deposit

I am a little new to bisq.
I bought bitcoin at the end of February.
I have recently checked bisq and realised that i cant locate my deposit.
There is zero funds in my trade wallet.

Could this be stuck in multisig?

I think this is the multisig deposit transaction id 0999b3e17040601c063b3fed55b580a5c287bd03efb01c3a234e1456986129dc

Hi, well looking at that transaction, the funds were moved in the same day.

thanks for reply huey.

what does that mean that they were moved the same day? does that mean i have lost my deposit?

I don’t know, you can DM for a more private conversation. But looking at the chain you can see that the coins moved the same day. I don’t know if you control those keys or not?