Unable to place an offer

Hi there. I’ve created an account, funded it with BTC but every time I’m trying to place an offer I get an error message saying: Element at index 0 is null, restart your application, check network connection…
This has happen for the third time now (never been successful). Maker fees and network fees are always lost.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!

This is the first I’ve heard of this issue and a little research only gave me this as a result

You can try to comment on that issue to see if they can help or you can join bisq.slack.com. The devs frequent those platforms more often.

@ManfredKarrer @Homard

Haven’t heard of this one before. Could you provide your log file to the devs so we can take a look?

I’ve reported the issue to Github with the screenshot of the error message. I am very curious to find out what’s happening. I tried to place another offer, unsuccessfully and I am happy to share the log file. It’s quite big however (3.2 MB of text). How do I do it?

I believe you can just upload it in a comment on Github.