Unable to setup monitoring tool

I would to like to work on “Improve monitoring tool” github issue.

I have cloned the repo and able to build the bisq client on Ubuntu 16.04. But when I try to run the Monitoring Tool using:

java -jar monitor/target/Monitor.jar

Error message says: java.lang.IllegalStateException: required key [regtestBsqGenesisTxId] not found

I’m getting 500 Internal Server when I visit localhost:8080(I have changed the port to 8080).

Following is the log generated:


What steps I need to follow to get rid of this error?

Ah great that you want to work on that!

I just commited a fix, there was one property setter missing for that option key.

If you work in regtest environment use those prog args:
–baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_REGTEST --useDevPrivilegeKeys=true --useLocalhostForP2P=true --nodePort=3402 --appName=bisq-BTC_REGTEST_Monitor --useAllProvidedNodes=true --numConnectionForBtc=30

For mainnet:
–baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_MAINNET --appName=bisq-BTC_MAINNET_Monitor --useAllProvidedNodes=true --numConnectionForBtc=30

Ah if you test with localhost you might want to change the default port 80 to something like 8080 in MonitorMain: port(8080);