Unable to start Bisq, Help


I agree that xp is old and it is wasting of time for developer makes it work under xp.
But is already proven that if a program not work on mobile devices, it will be very difficult to go forward.
What about make Bitsquare work under android?
Actually, android was built from Linux, so it really must not be difficult to make Bitscuare work under android.
It is extremely important this day to have it work on mobile platforms.
Majority of mobile market on android now.
Is Any way to run it on android?


I have Slax and occasionally run it from my USB.
Slax is Linux family OS
So, programs for Ubuntu can run on slacks if converted from .deb to.Sb
No such tool in Slax, but I red that tool preinstalled on some Linux here; http://blog.spiralofhope.com/6022/converting-packages-to-slaxs-sb-format.html#convert-a-debian-.deb-to-a-slax-.sb-module

Convert a Debian .deb to a Slax .sb module

Semi-tested… had some error message regarding libecryptfs.so.0 I believe.

From Debian’s ecryptfs-utils


deb2sb (preinstalled)


find /usr/lib/ -name libecryptfs.so*

Is anybody able to do it ?


Ill second this!! mint linux is super easy , even for older folk…


Really? It is taking me over a month to make Slax works properly and found all modules I need wile ago.
I newer sow any Linux Dist work properly out of the box!
Usually it has taken lots of time and comp knowledge to make any Linux kind work.
I didn’t try anything with Linux for about 7 years. (except my slax)
Yesterday I downloaded Dist lubuntu,. Mak butable, USB and guess what!?
It doesn’t work on all 3 comps!
After window with choices “try without installation” it stuck saying "no caching mode page found"
My Slax boot without any problems on all my comps.
So now I have to spend another week to make it work, even I do this,99% of users will just pass…


So before I go forward, I need help with choosing what type of linux tries to use, Kubuntu/Xubuntu /Lubuntu/Mint/ etc…?
Also, I no idea How to install programs (apps) on them.
Are they all cross compatible? So I can install Btsq.deb on any of them? Or need make compillation?
On my Slax I only can use apps with extension.Sb, installation easy, I only need copy app to the folder " modules"
If I want to use a Linux app with another extension I need convert it to the.Sb and this part are really difficult.
What about other kinds of linus?
Which one best for bitsq?
All Dist I checked is huge 1, 2 and more, GB! Slax only 200mb.
So if someone can help to convert .deb to.Sb it will be the easiest way.
I mean I already have a Linux kind OS, but can’t run btsq on it because app extension,
I’m afraid to waste time to install some other Linux, can be also not compatible with. deb


I just download and try to run another Linux family. “Mint"
I use Universal-USB-Installer- to install on 4Gb USB drive.(same, I I did wit Lubuntu)
This time, also no any luck.
After boot from usb it prompt with installation and stuck with
"there are no filesystem-specific-no flags”
"Can not mount/dev/loop 0 on/cow"
Maybe for the programmer it is easy to solve, but I have no Idea.
I’m trying on two laptops without result…
It can be installer problem or some else.
Anyway, as I expected, need lots of time to make it work!
Don’t remember Any lunix works properly out of the box.
That’s why actually it never comes to the mass…


theres plenty of top 5 reviews out there on youtube.

“Ubuntu mate” is nice and slim, comes with a pretty good windows type gui and has a nice little library of apps on there software center.

You should be able to just download the Bisq.deb file and double click on it…
Not like the old days where youd have to bash out a tonne of commands…

Ill try on my ubuntu mate box now and see if it loads up…


i just installed on my ubuntu mate . just click the download file and an installer goes away and check for any dependancies automatically… and installs it… takes a couple minutes and wamo…
All done…

all I had to do was click on the downloaded deb file…
Cant be easier…


cool, thanks for info.
Only problem, I stuck with mint, won,t run at all!
Now trying to download xubuntu and looking for another USB installer.
To try if problem with the installer or Dist


Hi all! At this moment I able to run Bitsquare under all downloaded Linux OS Lubuntu/ Xubumtu/ Mint
The problem was with USB loader.
I download another one and all start to work.
I made a live USB with Lubuntu, because it works faster from USB drive.
Xubuntu works slower and Mint weryyy slow…
I don’t want to install on HD because installation Dist. takes Few GB of space. with live USB I can work on any comp without installing.
Bitsquare install with no problems, works not fast but ok.
Thanks All for help!
Hope, soon we will see mobile version…:wink:


Yeah Linux Mint is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Glad you got it working at last!!