Unconfirmed deposit tx in pending trades (Bisq v1.5.4)


In my recent trade (BTC/EUR) I encountered an issue with unconfirmed deposit TX in pending trades even though it has 100+ confirmation in blockchain.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Best regards.

I have the same problem! In fact, we might be on opposite sides of the same trade. I’ll assume this is so for the rest of the reply.
In this case, I am the trade maker. You are the trade taker. There is a sequence of three transactions that need to happen. When I made the trade, bisq published my maker transaction to the network which got confirmed, as shown below.

I think this is what you are referring to when you write that it has 100+ confirmations. This is only the first step.

Then you came along and took the trade. As I understand it, the Taker Fee transaction (the second step) is then published to the network. This transaction is still waiting for confirmation as it was published when fees were 42 sat/vB

When this Taker Fee transaction is confirmed (probably another few hours), the Deposit Transaction will be published and will also need to be confirmed (the third step) and our fees and your bitcoin will be sent to a multisig adress that only us two can unlock.

When I pay you, I click that I’ve paid, which is my part of the key. When you click that you have been paid, which is your part of the key. This releases the BTC and the security deposits.

Hope that helps, even if we are not on opposite sides of the trade.
Could a moderator or someone who knows how the bisq software works confirm the above please.


thanks for your input.

We are not part of the same trade, I’m also a maker and unlike you in the trade I’m part of, deposit transaction (payed by taker) has already on blockchain currently 288 confirmations even though it’s appearing as unconfirmed in Bisq just like in your case in 1st image.

I will try resyncing SPV file.

Best regards.

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Just an update: after resyncing SPV file everything is ok. I’ve just lost 2 days from trading limit.


I’m having the same issue with unconfirmed deposit transactions, same Bisq version. I guess I’ll try to delete and resync the SPV file as well, unless anyone has other suggestions.

Info in case anyone else needs to do the same: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

Update: I can confirm this fixed the issue for me but it was a long wait for the SPV resync process.

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Thanks for the post.

You were correct to do the SPV resync. This is needed if the BTC deposit transaction is confirmed but the Bisq client is not seeing this as the case.

Here is a link to the Wiki on it: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki