Unconfirmed Transaction

Hello, I have made an bitcoin withdrawal from wallet on 24th and it’s still not confirmed :frowning: I really need this transaction to be confirmed …what can I do about this? https://tradeblock.com/bitcoin/tx/9b3c0203724921f6b03f17fe50e1bc258161e3c1be78d9d129377f943fffabeb
I understand now that the fee is too low, but it didn’t give me an option to choose the fee maybe it did, but I just mindlessly confirmed it. Can I cancel this transaction?


So do I understand this right (sorry, I do not really make transactions like this)
I send btc to my bit-square wallet I was sending btc from at the first place with high fee and it will confirm?

Yes, you are sending to yourself just to trigger a new transaction and you use a high fee there. So all the pending transactions for that will get included by miners if they want to take the high fee of the last tx.