Unconfirmed Withdraw 30h+

Hello, i have withdraw my bitcoin from Bisq to another wallet and didn’t check the fees (27.3 sat/vB) and its unconfirmed since more than 30Hours
Is there any possibility to cancel the transaction or to add fees?

@grimjow Hey has this been resolved yet? Mempool has been very busy and i don’t think you can RBF in Bisq but I will look into this and get back to you!

This is going to be a little long and boring since my mother language is not english. And also, there is no other way around it, you are going to need a full bitcoin core node running and synced with a little bitcoin on it.

use your seed in Bisq to find the private key from where you are trying to withdraw. You can use Ian’s colleman tool Bip39 offline,Import this private key into Bitcoin core. It will scan the blockchain to find out any transactions involved with that private key, it would take some time.
Then use the RBF (replace by fee) feature of bitcoin core, wich will bump your transaction fee a little bit.
After 6 confirmations, send all remaining bitcoin from Bisq to whatever wallet and consider the seed in Bisq unusable, replace with a new fresh seed.

Im not sure if you control the destination key where you send the bitcoin, but its also just easier to do a child-pays-for-parents.

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