Understanding transaction fee popup message

I just created my first Sell order in Bisq and I’m struggling to understand some things.

During the process, when I was asked to fund my Trade Wallet, there was a popup message which said to ensure that I set a fee of at least 148 sat/byte for the transaction when funding my wallet. I didn’t screenshot this at the time because I thought that the message was self-explanatory, so I can’t remember the exact message.

I sent the requested amount to my Trade Wallet from a BitcoinCore wallet. In the Core client, the fee is entered as sat/kilobyte, so I entered 153600 sat/Kb as the fee (150 * 1024 = 153600).

When I check the transaction which funded my Trade Wallet at blockchain.com, I see that the actual transaction fee in the block was 103 sat/B.

I’m trying to understand the meaning of the original message: why does it matter what fee I use to fund my wallet, so long as the transaction gets mined eventually? Where did the 148 sat/B number come from? Why did the transaction only use 103 sat/B when I specified 153600 sat/KB in the Bitcoin Core client?

Thanks very much for your help,

I assume your offer is only broadcast after one the “Make offer” transaction gets 1 confirmation. So Bisq suggest a mining fee to have your offer broadcast promptly. As to why Bitcoin Core conversion, maybe there’s a confusion between bits and bytes?

If you use too low fees at the bad moment, your tx may need days to be processed by the bitcoin network.
(… and we got anxious posts in the support topic)

atm, if I’m not wrong, Bisq’s fee provider is https://earn.com/
(if you have a better one to propose, please do)

No idea.
But if you specified something in the Bitcoin Core Client, then this concerns the Bitcoin Core Client.
Bisq appli has not it’s say for what happens inside.