Unique bitcoin wallet

hello guys i hope you all are fine, i have heard about bitcoin when i was 16-17 year old i even mined but never used it and now i’m back to really get in this game, my question is there any unique wallet for bitcoin ?, cause to get started i wanted something clean and original so downloaded bitcoin core, i saw there were adress automatically created for receiving bitcoin, but there were no way to buy bitcoin in bitcoin core, so i went back on internet and i found Bisq i downloaded it and instaled on my computer and then i saw i had another wallet adress for receiving bitcoin, there are less information about bisq on internet and i don’t understand how to buy so i create a new account on coinbase and i found i have another adress ! can someone clear up this for me ??

Anything in particular you have a problem with? Coinbase is an online wallet, which basically means that you don’t control your private keys or at least not only you, so you don’t really own any bitcoins on it and as such can be hardly called a wallet. You can send any bitcoins you have to an address you created in Bitcoin Core, you can always make a new address in there if you need. That way only you will control your bitcoins. You can use Bisq to safely sell or buy bitcoins for/with national currencies or altcoins. Just follow the interface and it should be clear enough. You can also check out one of the Youtube tutorials on Bisq (former called Bitsquare). You will need some bitcoins to start using Bisq for security deposits, since Bisq is decentralized.

thanks a lot i thing your answer is very clear so i can buy on coinbase or bisq and transfert it on my bitcoin core wallet right

Yes. If that wasn’t possible then you wouldn’t be able to call those bitcoins yours in the first place.