Unisigned user that I have done a trade with before

I have done a trade previsouly with this person, but they are still unsigned.
This previous trade somehow ended with my purchased BTC not in my wallet as BISQ shut down then when reopened my BTC was withdrawn to an address that is not my own.

I have not had any other issues with bisq, except for that trade. What is up with this user not being verified/signed by the previous encounter? (and also if anyone can help me understand what happened on the previous transacetion with person where my BTC ended up in a different wallet would be great also).

For now, why isnt this person verified by now? Is it safe to proceed?

Hi it is safe to trade with unsigned users.

Not sure why the user you are trading with is unsigned it could be because they are mainly selling BTC and not buying it, or it could be there buys have been under the amount required for signing (0.0025 BTC).

Either way if you are happy with the offer I would no worry that they are unsigned.

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A trader can get signed on Bisq only by buying BTC from verified and aged seller account, so if your peer has only ever sold BTC on Bisq without ever buying themselves, they won’t be signed, this is normal.
You can still check the account age by hovering the mouse on the peer’s icon; some seller accounts are several years old.