Unresolved(Stuck) Support ticket, no arbitor input

I have a support ticket that has been opened for months. It seems the trade hasn’t completed and I have received no response from the buyer or the arbitor.

I noticed I still have my BTC locked up and the transaction never finished. I CMD+o to follow up but have received no response.

Trade ID: 19452

What is the onion address of the arbitrator for this trade ?

Looks like this is it here


or this


Hum. I have never seen this onion as an arbitrator address. Not in 2019 and 2018S2 at least.
And a search on the forum returns nothing.
What is the Bisq version you are using now ?
The selected arbitrator figures in the support ticket details.

This is a transaction from back in Jan of this year

I re-checked and this is the arbitor address: urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999

I’m using a v 0.9.4

Bisq current version is v1.0.1
From one version to the next, the recommended way is to close everything which can be closed (offers, trades, disputes). Backup. Update from inside the appli.

This is @arbitrator1 . You can get in contact with him here about your dispute.

The payout was done: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/3H9Lb43XupYBVgDwJM4CpM9ATfGZe9rFMb
I will re-open and close again so that your pending trade gets closed. If you still have issues let me know

I have a similar issue - no arbitrator response (trade id 01629, arbitrator my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999) since Apr 17. Please check.

attn: @arbitrator1

Now its published: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/65863481037c285bf14872b07e77a2d601056dac56c51807e453fa698ed1c592
Payout did not work after closing the ticket at first.

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Hi, I think I’m having the same issue. Open trade that never executed…receiving a message about No Arbitrator available. This is preventing me from making additional trades.

Trade ID is FARAD9OG-3fbdad12-3ea6-440c-b131-36679039642c-164

Thanks for your help…

Are you able to press Ctrl + O on the trade to send it to mediation?

It might be good to reach out on Matrix for live supoort: Matrix bisq.chat - Bisq Wiki

Problem solved…Just deleted old Tor files and restarted application.

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