Unresponsive arbitrator

Hi there,

I understand that one the arbitrators is ill but is there a way for my ticket to be moved to another arbitrator? It’s been a few days since I opened a ticket.

I sincerely hope he/she gets better soon.


You should have gotten a response by now, if you waited more then 24h.
Perhaps there was an issue in opening a ticket.

Please try reopening a ticket with cmd+o.

Same problem here. I’ve got two tickets open, 72h and 48h old, but no response. I’ve even tried emailing.

I understand that people get ill, and I sincerely hope that they feel better soon, but this demonstrates a weakness in the arbitration process.

Could you both please indicate the onion address of your arbitrator ?
Thanks (and sorry for the delay)

Can you try to re-open the ticket by going to the trade and click cmd+o. Sometimes the msg does not arrive.

Re-opening the ticket with ctrl+o worked for me.



Hi, the arbitrator in both cases is 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Thanks, I have re-opened both tickets as per your suggestion.
All of the messages I sent up to this point reported “Message arrived at receiver”.
The messages that I have sent since re-opening the ticket state “Message saved in receiver’s mailbox”.

This is actually @keo’s address. You can PM him your trade ID and let him know of the issue.

Thanks, all sorted now.

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So did the first messages not arrive? If so can you send me the log file (account/backup -> button to open log)