Unresponsive Trader after Zelle Payment Sent

Many great and easy trades thus far, hit my first snafu…

My role: BTC buyer as maker w/Zelle

Offer taken while I was AFK, seller sent a trade message minutes after taking the offer stating they “sent a request for payment since we’ve never traded before … occasionally new trading partners have had issues adding me to Zelle and this has been a good solution.” I returned and verified the name/amount/address matched and went ahead and used the payment request (a first for me) to send the funds via Zelle, followed by pressing the Payment Sent button in Bisq. I responded in the Trader Chat an hour after their initial message, followed by another message 10 hours later with the payment details.

An hour or two after the offer was taken an update to Bisq v1.3.6 was rolled out and I declined to update Bisq until this trade was complete.

Meanwhile, no response from the seller. Seller is online and receiving.

Three days remain in the trade window. I see no reason for the seller to not click the Payment button as the funds are locked for both of us, unless someone is leveraging a weakness in the chain of trust or Bisq wallet. I assume they have my USD free and clear.

Some questions:

  1. Was using the payment request an error? I normally add recipients manually, but this seemed legit.
  2. Should I update my Bisq client in the midst of this trade? Is there a chance a queued message or data is waiting for me that depends on the new version? Is there a chance of anything breaking? Nothing in the changelog jumped out at me that would relate to this.
  3. Will opening a dispute be necessary, and how long do I wait? What can I expect as a result?

Uhg, so I should have followed my own personal advice and waited 24 hours, instead I waited 23 hours before posting. The trade cleared without incident or further message, I’ll just bite my tongue longer.

Still though, I suppose my questions stand, generally speaking, other than the issue being a result of the update. I still wonder if it’s safe to update while a trade is active?

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I would advise against updating your Bisq when you have any active trades!

Will look into it more to see if this is a cause for concern or not but as far as i know an update could cause issues with active trades.