Unsigned user mistakes - 2nd trade and no BTC

Just signed up to BISQ earlier. There was a lot to take in and I didn’t spot the restrictions on unsigned accounts that purchase BTC.

I made my first trade using Revolut and bought 0.01 BTC with no problems. My payment went through on Revolut and I received my BTC. I had a total budget of 0.02 BTC that I wanted to buy. So I went in again and selected another offer, paid EUR427 on Revolut to a new BTC seller.

He has received my payment on Revolut but I have not received his BTC. I opened a chat with the trader and have sent 3 short (and polite) messages but I have not received a response.

So I looked into my account in more detail and I see that I have a limit of 0.01 BTC until I am fully signed in 30 days. I presume this is the problem. It was an honest mistake and the BISQ software should have flagged that I was trying to make a 2nd trade as an unsigned user. Very disappointed here - this person has received my money on Revolut and won’t even answer a simple question.

What should I do here ? Is my only option to wait for the 24 hour trade period before opening a dispute? Will I lose the funds which I transferred to the seller?

Sounds like it is all good.

The 0.01 BTC limit is per trade until limits are lifted.

The seller has 24 hours to release the BTC. If these 24 hours are not yet up I wouldn’t worry. Just wait until they have released it.

Thanks, Pazza. Just getting started with BISQ so not fully sure on how it works. I’ll hold tough and let you know how it works out.

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I am sure it will be fine. No need to open mediation until time is up.

Traders leave Bisq running while they are away from their computers. This is likely why they have not responded yet.

All sorted. Just came through. :+1:

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