Upcoming conferences and other important meetings etc


What are the upcoming meetings in Europe that people are going to soon? It would be useful to know when I can feel like I am not harassing people again too much about getting some support to do some things like developing a Fedora client etc.

Also, I am in Australia so I won’t be getting to any conferences in Europe in the near future but it would be good if those conferences could be on Google Hangouts on Air or something so I could participate to some extent.

Also, it would be good to have an Australian group to talk to about Bisq - I might bring this up again when things have settled down a bit in the new year . .


Hey Phil,

You should join our Slack if you haven’t already.
There is a channel there called #conferences that is quite active as Bisq team attends these regularly.
I am sure that those from Bisq team would love to meet you at one of these events, just let them know in the channel.
Here is the link to our Slack invitation in case you are not on it already https://bisq-slack.herokuapp.com/

@alexej996 ,

Yes, I’m on Slack - I didn’t think to ask there - I posted something there before but didn’t get much of a response but I will check out the conferences link - thanks!