Update BISQ Manually

I’m on Linux & haven’t started BISQ for over a year, it synced to the network but won’t open. I’ve downloaded the latest version, how do I install it without losing data?

You won’t lose data if you install it like it was the first time. Downloading and installing - Bisq Wiki
Make a backup of data just in case. Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki

Thanks for reply, meant to say “how do I update?”. Do I uninstall first or install over the old one, will my trust rating be erased?

I understood. To update you just need to install new version by double clicking the .deb file you can find at Releases · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub, you will lose no data. Make a backup just in case.

Which GNU/Linux distribution are you using?

With Ubuntu 20.04 there is in certain cases an issue when installing from nautilus.

In this case install it from the command line with

sudo dpkg -i Bisq-64bit-1.5.4.deb

Kubuntu, it’s OK it installed & opened. GUI text headings still need to be bigger & bolder, text in general needs to be bigger.

Maybe this helps? Running on HiDPI screen - Bisq Wiki

Ok the text is bigger now, how do I modify the script to make the headings larger and/or bold without affecting the other text.