Update while I have a withdraw with 0 confirmations?

Hi all,

I attempted a withdraw to a private wallet about a month ago. Currently, the transactions has 0 confirmations/ seen by 0 peers. I have looked into the problem and realized that the transaction is too big due to the fact that it has multiple inputs to which the fee is not aligned. If I’m not mistaken, at this moment my options are CPFP, delete SPV file or waiting until the transaction gets confirmed. If it doesn’t get confirmed it should bounce back into my wallet right?

The option to solve this problem that I’m looking into as of this now is CPFP. But I found it quite difficult to understand how I should carry it out. Anyways, the main question of this topic is if I should run the new Bisq update while my transaction is not confirmed. Could this cause any more problems/difficulties or is it safe to carry out? Please let me know and if you have any additions to my problem, do not hesitate to say so.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi :cactus:. After a month, nodes should have forgotten that tx so CPFP is not feasible.
You have to resync SPV to make it “bounce back” (it never got out of your wallet, you just made a bid for miners to include it into a block but the price was too small).

Make a backup and update, you can do that before or after the SPV resync. There should not be any issues, but just in case. Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki

Hi @MnM. Many thanks for your advice. I’ve conducted the backup, update and SPV resync. If I’m not mistaken, the resync has completed by now. Right after I logged on, and my wallet resynced with al the blocks, I instantly saw a large part of my failed transaction back on my balance. But I’m still missing about 21% of the transaction.

My best guess is that the 21% is made up of all the small fees I had in my balance that created a lot of inputs during the transaction. Therefore I think that they still need to be resynced. I have had the Bisq application running for a couple of hours now. Just in case it still is resyncing. But my balance has not changed ever since. I don’t know if it’s safe to shut down Bisq at this moment. What are the actions I could undertake? Should I wait until the remaining 21% of my transaction shows up on my balance? And is it safe to shut down Bisq? Please let me know. Thanks!

Well I guess that you should have find it by now, but 2 hours on a normal computer should be enough to get Bisq up to date.

Yes, Bisq indeed got up to date and I managed to resync the SPV file. Unfortunately I’m still missing 21% of the transaction amount. Only 79% of the amount got back on my balance and that still hasn’t changed. So I don’t know where the remaining part of the failed transaction is.

Go to Keybase and share this issue, with personal detais about this trade to a support agent. Keybase
I’m quite sure there is a misunderstanding.

Hi @MnM , thank you I will reach out to them. But I would still like to emphasize my problem again. The fact of the matter is that I did the latest update followed by the SPV resync to undo the withdrawal that was stuck due to insufficient fees combined with a big transaction. Unfortunately I only received a part of the withdrawal and I don’t know why. I’m currently still missing 21% of the amount.

I’ll reach out to Keybase and keep you updated. Please let me know if you have anything to add to this. Thanks!