Updated to latest version v0.6.4

Hi, I recently updated to the newest version and i’m getting a message that my account is only 2 days old and won’t allow me enter into trades greater than 0.125 btc .
However i’ve had the account for over a year.
Is there something I can do? or Can you please assist and provide access reflecting the true tenure of the account?
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It means that the Bisq network has only known about your account for 2 days. This is the “account age witness” feature released in Bisq 0.6.0. See https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange/releases/tag/v0.6.0 for details.

In short, this has nothing to do with the actual age of your account at your financial institution. This is an anti-fraud measure that we implemented in 0.6.0. Your limits will be raised to the maximum of 0.25 BTC over a 2-month period. Note that you can create multiple offers during that time, however.

If you used any version from 0.6.0 on before your account age should be counted from the time when u set up the account there. If u created a new data directory or new account then you start with age 0 from that point on. If you had the same account with an older version but e.g. on another computer you can use the salt value in the old account and setup a new account with the same salt and exactly the same account data as the old one. Then your old account age will be used.

I did indeed have the older version 0.6.0. and even before that when it was BitSquare.
Over 1 year since i first opened the bitsquare account.
In fact i’ve exchanged emails with you Manfred, early last year about an issue that you helped me resolve.
It is on the same computer.
Are there instructions on how to transfer salt value from the prior version to the current one?

The account age feature was added in 0.6.0. so no there is no way to get the age of older accounts, sorry. But you can make always multiple trades. The trade limit is only for one trade. I know people get annoyed by that but consider is as security protection, better trade more often safely than getting scammed by a charge back scammer with a big trade.

Fair enough…