Updating to v1.5.5

Using Windows up til now it was always possible to update to the latest release directly on the opened BISQ page by clicking on an ‘Update’ tab.
That does not seem to be possible now to update to [v1.5.5] . Not sure how to proceed!!
Must I reinstall Bisq again?

Yes, by reinstalling Bisq you should update it. Make a backup first just in case.
It’s highly recommended to verify the signature. If it doesn’t work, you might find the sha256sum of the .exe file at Telegram channel. Telegram: Contact @bisq_p2p

That’s a real pain if we have to do that for every new update that comes along. Up to now it’s always been so simple.

@JSiefert what bit is the pain?

I updated Bisq recently and just accepted the update that was suggested when I was running Bisq. It only took 5 mins to download and install.

Thanks, yes you are right. The update link was added to the Bisq site a day or so ago. It also took me only 5 min. or so to update the. :slight_smile:

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Great, glad it is sorted :+1:

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