Upgraded to 0.9.4, lost all history

Is there a way to restore the history?

Edit: Running on Linux Mint 17.3, 64bit.

Do you have a backup of your old (pre-v0.9.4) data directory ?

I don’t know. I think Bisq automatically creates backups, but I can’t find anywhere in the settings where that backup is supposed to be.

I found the following:
~/.local/share/Bisq/btc_mainnet/wallet/backup $ ls -l
total 8
drwxr-xr-x 2 doug doug 4096 Feb 21 21:31 backups_bisq_BSQ_wallet
drwxr-xr-x 2 doug doug 4096 Feb 21 21:31 backups_bisq_BTC_wallet

Keep in mind, I don’t need to restore the wallet. I didn’t lose any Bitcoins. I just want to restore the history of my transactions.

I am not sure. You could try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings, but I have my doubts that would help.

Not sure why you lost your history in the first place. It sounds like a bug.

I tried deleting the SPV file, but still missing the history.

I doubt it is related to the update but rather some weird coincidence with some bug or hard disk write issue. Open the data directory (at account/backup) and look into the db folder. There is a backup folder with a backups_ClosedTrades folder. There u have the latest backups. Try to find the one by date before the issue happened. make a backup before doing anything. shut down bisq and copy the last intact backup and rename it to ClosedTrades and replace the one in the db folder. if u had new added closed trades those would be replaced then with the old file. there is no way to merge it…

Thanks for the help! Actually, you’re right, it looks like the problem actually happened at Feb 14 09:40, days before the upgrade was released. I say this because I found this:
doug@Fujitsu ~/.local/share/Bisq/btc_mainnet/db/backup_of_corrupted_data $ ls -l
total 3352
-rw-r–r-- 1 doug doug 2114062 Feb 14 09:40 ClosedTrades
-rw-r–r-- 1 doug doug 1297224 Jan 5 20:32 DisputeList

I tried to move this ClosedTrades file to the db folder, but since it’s corrupted, a new blank one was created. Is there some kind of maintenance tool I can run against this file to try to fix it?


I fear not. But as said you should find older backups.

No, unfortunately all the backups are newer than the corrupted one.

I found the issue for that and it is fixed on master, so if you run from source you have the fix already. Otherwise in the next release in 2-3 weeks.

The reason was that a few deprecated payment methods (Venmo, CahsApp, OkPay) have been removed from code base and that caused an exception at reading the protobuffer content of the ClosedTrades db file. I added it again and now its fine again. If you had that issue just take the older backup from the db/backup/backups_ClosedTrades folder and replace the ClosedTrades file in the db folder (after you have updated to the new version where the issue is fixed). Make a backup before doing that just to be safe!

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