Upgrading to 1.1.0 .deb


I just downloaded bisq a few days ago to check it out. Now I see the update is out, but my question is since I am on Ubuntu, what is the proper way to update?

I know i have to manually update it since it is not in the repo’s. But since I have an old version, do I have to uninstall this version first? Or is there a way to do it all in one go?

Which Bisq version do you actually have ?

Normally, the appli informs you that there is an update and proposes to download it.
Is this not the case ?

No, this is the case. I had the previous version - 1.0.1, and I have downloaded from the prompt, version 1.1.0

I use gdebi to install .deb packages.

I don’t want to install the new package, and cause any type of conflict between the 2 packages, hence me asking the proper way to do this. I’m still relatively new to linux, and want to do things the correct way

I’m under Debian.
What I do is:

  • make the necessary backups
  • in console mode, as superuser: go where the *.deb file is
    dpkg -i thefile.deb
    , and you’re done

By console you are referring to the terminal yes?

Can you tell me what this command does? So I can understand what is happening here.

I’m in ubuntu 18.04, I usually use apt to manage packages, and when I have to install a .deb file I usually use the GUI - gdebi. Is gdebi basically a GUI for dpkg?

Will this command overwrite the previous version, and remove all un needed packages? Or will I have to go in and apt remove --purge bisq-1.0.1 && apt autoremove && apt autoclean ?

Yes. By console, i meant terminal.

afaik, Bisq is not on the official Debian repos. So you cannot use apt.

I don’t know gdebi.

dpkg has always worked properly for me.
It overwrites over the previous version, so nothing to remove/clean.

Little bit of searching on the Internet got me informed that gdebi is a GUI for dpkg with added functionality to check for dependencies.

Since Bisq package doesn’t require any dependencies on default Ubuntu installation, it will basically do the same thing.

You just install over the top.
Did you download the .deb initially or via the app store?

I think someone has been providing manjaora and ubuntu packages on whatever their app stores are called. THey should try and get in touch with bisq to make it somewhat official or trusted.

TO be safe download from bisq website/github only and isntall manually over the top of old with dpkg -i file.deb

The easiest way to install Bisq on Ubuntu is to use the context menu in the file explorer (nautilus).

For checking the signature:

For installing:

If you have a previous version installed, it will be replaced by the new one.