Uphold 65-day "hold"

I created an Uphold account only to encounter this:

Which changes you’ve made to ACH deposits from U.S. bank accounts?

It’s good news! You can now trade deposits from your U.S. bank account instantly on Uphold instead of having to wait 4-7 days for settlement. Blah blah blah…

At the same time, we’re introducing a 65-day cooldown before you can send ACH funds to external crypto wallets or to other users. Blah blah blah…

We’re introducing this change to keep you and your funds secure.

If funds are going to get stuck for 65 days, I think this is worth mentioning in the Bisq payments page. Had I known I wouldn’t have have KYC’ed myself, yet again.

65 day cooldown!!! This seems a bit excessive.

I have creating an Uphold page for the Bisq wiki. I will make sure to include this info.

Thanks for the post.