USD Deposit

I don’t have any bitcoins but can I buy them straight from my US account ??

No, sorry. You need to have some bitcoins for a security deposit, this is just how the protocol works. We can’t use fiat for the security deposit and preserve decentralization in the app, as fiat can not be locked in a form of smart contract that is multisig.

It is best to ask a friend to lend you some crypto for your first trade if that is possible, but alternatively you can post to #support:starter-package category on this forum to see if anyone is willing to lend you some bitcoins. In the end you might find yourself buying from a centralized exchange (local Bitcoin ATM for example) as the simplest option.

Thank you for the response but why am I seeing a payment method of cash deposit ?

That is a payment method for the actual trade amount. Security deposit that is separate of the trade amount has to come in bitcoins and will be returned to you after the successful completion of the trade.

Nice.When I buy bitcoin with cash desposit, how long does it take seller to receive it ?

I don’t really know this, but it probably depends on the bank the seller is using and when you actually make a deposit. It just can’t exceed the max. trade period defined in the offer and the trade will have to be resolved with the help of an arbitrator.