"Use custom inputs" not working

When trying to withdraw funds under the send funds tab I car’t use “Use custom inputs” The wallet does not list inputs for me to choose.

But when I select “Use all available inputs” the wallet lists about 4 addresses with funds on.

Is there a know bug with this software?

They are normally listed above (not shown in your screen shots).

Can you see the inputs listed above? If so you can check them on/off.

They are not listed above. Thats the problem.

Any idea what the issue would be? is this a bug? If so how do I report it to bisq?

What if you put bisq on full screen ?

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Thats the issue!! Well done. Now I can see and select the coins I want.

Thanks! :partying_face:

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Yeah the same thing happened to me. bisq needs its screen real estate.