Use external wallet to fund the offer

Hi sorry for my bad English. I am creating an offer to sell 0.01 BTC, to fund my offer bisq tells me that I have to pay:

Trade Amount: 0.01 BTC
Security deposit: 0.0060 BTC
Trade Fee: 0.000050 BTC
Mining Fee: 0.00033770
Total: 0.01638770 BTC

The total is correct if I pay with the funds in my bisq wallet, but if i want to pay with an external wallet why do i have to pay the total which includes the mining fees decided by bisq? Can I pay with my external wallet by deciding the fees independently?

In my case I would pay 0,0160507 BTC (Total - Minig fee) with my external wallett at the address indicated by bisq. It’s possible?


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The mining fees are to place the security deposit within the multi-sig. These are set by the software in Bisq. You can pay with your own wallet but you will need to pay the fees shown or the transaction will fail.

The answer to your question is YES. Bisq does not decide the fee. It tells you what the current fee is if you wish that your transaction succeed fast. From an external wallet you can decide the fee yourself but you might have to wait a long time for confirmation.
I have send my deposit from Bisq to my external wallet with the fee 1 Sat/Byte and I have been waiting for 3 months and it is not confirmed yet.

It probably never will confirm. Check at a blockchain explorer if it’s still found by nodes and do a spv resync if it isn’t.