Use external wallet to fund the offer

Hi sorry for my bad English. I am creating an offer to sell 0.01 BTC, to fund my offer bisq tells me that I have to pay:

Trade Amount: 0.01 BTC
Security deposit: 0.0060 BTC
Trade Fee: 0.000050 BTC
Mining Fee: 0.00033770
Total: 0.01638770 BTC

The total is correct if I pay with the funds in my bisq wallet, but if i want to pay with an external wallet why do i have to pay the total which includes the mining fees decided by bisq? Can I pay with my external wallet by deciding the fees independently?

In my case I would pay 0,0160507 BTC (Total - Minig fee) with my external wallett at the address indicated by bisq. It’s possible?


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The mining fees are to place the security deposit within the multi-sig. These are set by the software in Bisq. You can pay with your own wallet but you will need to pay the fees shown or the transaction will fail.