Use higher mining fees for Altcoin instant trades

Can you change the BTC network fee algorithm to pick a higher fee on Instant trades?

I’ve got one right now that’s stuck to get confirmed for 3 hours already and I’ve lost my deposit a couple months ago because it took 9 hours to confirm the multisig deposit and I was already asleep before I could make the payment.

It clearly goes against the purpose of instant trades when the multisig deposits can get stuck for hours.

Such feature request should be asked on the github.
But imo it is not so easy to implement, and how do you define “higher” ?
If it is to be fixed by the user … then simply adjust the fees manually, as you can already do today.

Anyway, when you do instant trades, you should do that in the most possible efficient way.
And imo this imply not relying on hoping that default/predefined parameters will hopefully work well.

higher as in “next block”

There is a way to manually change the miner fee for taking trades? I’ve never seen that option in the last 1000 trades I’ve done here.

The manual fee selection only works for your bisq wallet withdrawals.

Can anyone explain me this here?

When I take a trade, bisq reserves 0.03% of the trade amount for mining fees (0.00063xxxx BTC).
On the right is the actual deposit transaction for the trade (the one that’s still confirming for the last 3 hrs). Out of those mining fees that I paid (and can’t set manually even if I wanted to), bisq decided to only use 1/6th of it to pay for the deposit tx (shouldn’t it be half of it for the deposit and the other half for the multisig payout?).

@donacid you’re correct, you can only set custom mining fees for withdrawing from Bisq.

You are responsible for three equal mining fees as an offer taker:

  • Take offer
  • Send funds to escrow
  • Send funds out of escrow

The destination address in the example above hasn’t received any funds so I don’t see proof that the transaction that you’re looking at on bitaps is result from the trade shown.

I don’t understand the problem with the BTC transactions taking too long and you being penalized. You only control the mining fees for the altcoins and only should be penalized there. Have you been penalized for btc transactions taking too long?

There’s little Bisq can do about btc transaction taking too long. I believe right now we’re already aiming for the next block. But with sudden spikes on the fee market it can take longer for Bisq’s transactions to be included.

I understand your response @donacid but I don’t understand how Altcoins Instant trades are possible without 6 confirmations in less than an hour? What is the protocol when the recommended number of confirmations haven’t been reached within the 1 hour Altcoins Instant trade window?

Instant trades aren’t possible with 6 confirmations because that takes about an hour.
6 BTC confirmations, in normal times (like now, no frequent reorgs) are too safe for a 2BTC trade. I think 1 confirmation is ennough, but if a buyer wants to wait for 3 or even 4 confs, he should just inform about it in the chat.