Using Bisq as TOR proxy?

I was just wondering, since my Bisq client ist running pretty much all day.

Is it possible to use bisq as as tor proxy for my browser and other software as well?
If so, what settings would I need to use?

I tried Socks4/Socks5 with localhost and the typicall 9050 TOR port, but this doesn’t work for me.

I always wondered myself how tor binary was implanted into Bisq.
Maybe @ManfredKarrer or one of the devs could help us understand it better here.

We ship the tor binaries and unpack them then start them and communicate via tcp control channel to it. thats all done in the netlayer libray . the bisq app only gets the socket to read/write to.

I am not very up to date with tor support for local tor etc. we worked to support an already running tor but the other way around i think is not supported yet.
@freimair can give you more info but he is on holiday atm.