Using bisq to Hold Value

I’m new to bisq but very interested in using it to trade. I mostly want to be able to trade in and out of something stable. The Norwegian Krone looks like the most liquid market. Is there an easy way to do this? I am based in the US. What does the process of receiving and sending norweigan krone look like?

Hey…my first reaction is…errrrr…really?
Bisq is not exactly great for fast trading in and out quickly especially with fiat.
But it is possible if you dont mind that its slow.
However it would best to use your local currency. I dont think its easy to open an international bank account!
Here is what i found with a quick google.
Its not like opening an email account :wink: Even thats a pain in the ass now!

I guess I was expecting/ hoping for a feature similar to the market pegged assets in BitShares. I see theres a few cryptos here I can trade between. Its cool to see you can get money wired to you for BTC. Does anyone know the best payment method for use in the US?

I can’t tell you the best, but I know that a lot of people use Zelle (former ClearXchange), but I know that there were a lot of issues with it, but it is still the most popular, as you will be able to see in the app.

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Transferwise is problematic because the bank account you set up will not match with what the receiver will see and thus will open a dispute.