Using PNC and Zelle

PNC isn’t listed as an approved bank in the Bisq popup window when I try to make an offer via Zelle. How much risk would it be to try using Zelle via PNC anyway? Or, what can I do to PNC added to the approved list?

Here is a link to PNC’s website that gives more information about their integration with Zelle. I’m hoping this helps to get them added to the approved list, as I’m a little worried about what would happen with regards to arbitration if I’m not using an approved bank:

Hey, new user here… I just posted kinda the same question re: Zelle and FifthThird bank.

Then, browsing here I saw YOUR question LOL so sorry for duplicate but, same Q… :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. {Edit} Here’s link to my post on same topic, in case it helps anything :


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When you have suggestions of this kind, the best is to open an issue on Bisq’s github :

Concerning adding a bank, several criteria must be met.
The main concern is about chargeback.
If chargeback is to easy, this is generally a nogo.

If I’m not wrong, the dev in charge of evaluating banks is @Alfsbs