Using USAA for Zelle


USAA shows as one of the Banks used for Zelle but when in the Bisq app itself, USAA is not listed. Please advise. Thank you.


Do you have a link where it is listed as official member bank? With not member banks we had lot of problems in the past.

Links from both directions showing the relationship:

I haven’t looked into zelle for a while.

It seems they have expanded their network:

I’ll look into it more thoroughly in the next few days.

I was also wondering about using USAA’s version of Zelle. Does anyone happen to know if this will be implemented in the future?

If so… then what can i do to help aid it’s addition to becoming a member bank?

( also sorry for resurrecting old topics. )

USAA is my only bank. They use Zelle via the USAA mobile app. I’d also like to see USAA added to the bank list.

While waiting for USAA to hopefully be added to the approved bank list for Zelle payments, what other options are favored for transferring a payment through Bisq for purchasing BTC?

Is there any news about USAA being added to the list of banks Bisq can use via Zelle?

i know what you’re talking about — usaa definitely supports zelle; bisq just hasn’t added it to their list of major supporting banks yet. it works fine though

Oh! Good to know, thank you.

+1 for USAA please

Can anyone investigate if USAA is really supported as member bank? In the past we had plenty of issues with non-member banks even they and Zelle stated it works it did not in reality. So I would like to see a definitive list where the banks are listed where transfers are 100% guaranteed.

What question should we ask them?

If any payment with Zelle between USAA and other member banks will work. In the past that was not the case.

I asked Customer Support since I had a mobile setup issue, I don’t think they know the answer to this question as they just state “yes, Zelle can be used to send payments to other parties if they have linked Zelle to their accounts”.

How can we help test it?

It is difficult to test as there are many member banks and it would require to test with all in both directions.
Zelle should provide a list of banks where it is guaranteed to work. In the past they advertised way too much and reality was that only with member banks (those we support) it was working 99% (even there have been some cases where it failed).
If you can try to research at Zelle or request from a source there which is more reliable than a customer care agent that would be great. It might be that in the meantime there are many more banks supported and would be great if we can add that.

I too have this question… Just as stated above, it appears Zelle is okay from USAA’s end, but necessarily from bisq :frowning: it looks like it “might” work, but that’s not good enough for me anyone tried it? If not, what other methods has anyone successfully used to relatively inexpensively get cash into bisq market? Thanks

hey guys, i know it might be a little confusing - but i have used zelle from my usaa account many times to buy btc using usd. seriously, haven’t had a single issue, and i’ve done it this way a least a handful of times

Usaa is one of the best banks around IMO

Been using zelle with them for trading for months and no issues, if anything they’re very smooth and fast

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